Our brands are Tino Aretty, Leonardo, Eliz Grand, Person, Silver Grey. 

Tino Aretty - luxury men’s shirts, Leonardo - shirts for special occasion, men's wedding shirts, Eliz Grand - bright urban style, Person - casual style men's shirts, Silver Grey - kid's shirts, blouses and ties. 

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«Tino Aretty» - is a collection for stylish men who know how to present themselves and want to look elegant. Preferences are given to 100 % cotton fabrics produced with the use of new technologies and additional easy iron processing which provides easy ironing after washing and reduces creasing while wearing of shirts. Thus natural fabrics allow skin to breathe, are pleasant to the touch and correspond to the highest quality standards. This product is meeting high requirements of a buyer to quality and service. Shirts are packed into an individual box and have an additional set of removable collar stays.

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«Leonardo»  are shirts for special occasion and men’s wedding shirts. They attract attention with French cuffs, collars for classic and bow ties, hidden clasps. Shirts are perfectly combined with business suits and tuxedos. During the production process are used the most labor-intensive technologies that provides strength of seams and accurate appearance.

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«Eliz Grand» shirts are distinguished by extremely fashionable designs and details, emphasis is placed on the combination of sports style and elegance. In production of Eliz Grand shirts 100% cotton fabrics may be used as well as mixed fabrics with a various composition. Stability of collar shape corners is strengthened by plastic collar stays.

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Person is a casual style shirt; it is a perfect solution for everyday life of a successful man. Shirts combine comfort, practicality and elegance. High quality 100% cotton natural fabrics are selected for shirts of this brand.

The collection of accessories is kept in style of the brand: classical business ties and bow ties, and also fashionable styles - narrow ties and scarves from silk and polyester. Color gamma and designs are diverse.