ELIZ company has its own sewing production, equipped with the most modern and efficient equipment.

Экспериментальный цех ЭЛИЗ

Design development is carried out by means of GERBER CAD which includes 6 AccuMark working places. 

Склад сырья ЭЛИЗ

We perform 100% quality control of supplied in our raw materials warehouse.

нормирование и расчет сырья

Along with a manual nesting we use GERBER's automated nesting software - AccuNest. 

Раскройный цех ЭЛИЗ

Cutting workshop is equiped with Gerber XLs-50 spreader and Veit System spreading table. Spreading is perfomed on 4 tables. 

Раскрой и дублирование изделий

Cutting is done on automated cutting systems - Lectra Vector 5000 and Lectra Vector Fashion FX. Fusing is made on Kanniegiesser VH-600 and Multistar CX - 1000 preses. 

Швейные цеха ЭЛИЗ

Sewchines workshopos include 3 "pilot" lines, 4 bulk production lines and 1 conveyer production line equipped with automated transport line ETON. Sewing workshops are equipped with: 1 needle sewing machines with automatic functions of threads cutting, secure seams, ''foot'' lifting of the companies JUKI (Japan), SUN STAR (Korea), special machines with electronic control JUKI, SUN STAR, pressing equipment KANNEGIESSER (Germany), OSHIMA (Taiwan), ROTONDI and VEIT irons, steam generators and tables. 


Цех влажно-тепловой обработки ЭЛИХ, цех упаковки ЭЛИЗ

Final ironing is made with the usage of ROTONDI and VEIT irons, steam generators and tables. Folding of shirts is performed on KANNEGIESSER packaging machines. 

Продукция ЭЛИЗ сертифицирована

The company has implemented and successfully operates a quality management system ISO 9001-2009 and the management system.

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  • GERBER spreading machine
  • Lectra cutting machines
  • CAD System GERBER
  • JUKI universal and special machines
  • ROTONDI ironing equipment
  • Kannegiesser fusing machines